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Recording Studio Fort Collins, CO

970-581-3915 studio@seldomfed.com


The Rate Card:

Seldom Fed Productions Rates:

 Recording (music, voice, sound design) $50 / hour  
Live recording $500 setup fee + studio hourly rate.  
"Time-Box Demo" Special $450 - A quick, fun , 'one-day' - 3 song demo package that includes; up to 10 hours of studio time, all material included.  In and out in 'one' day! One low  price does it all -  no 'clock watching' !  Call us for details! Check link at left for details
Mixing / Editing / Mastering 

$50/ hour  

Format Transfers :  Vinyl to CD,  Cassette to CD,  Restore old vinyl, old cassette tape, etc. Minimum $50 + studio rate for any time past 1 hr. - Requires loading  into the computer and edit if needed. Formats accepted: Cassette, Vinyl, DAT,  1/4track reel-2-reel, CD, ADAT  .
Duplication We don't do duplication for CD, but can help you find excellent local and national vendors. 
Video Editing for the web We can shoot and edit basic music video for YouTube or help you post self-hosted video on your web site.
Music technology consulting - equipment purchase planning, equipment trends, PA system training, home recording training, music instruction (guitar, pedal steel, lap steel). Computing for musicians - Internet Marketing, Music online, systems, software. $40/ hour.
Project Consulting - planning for your project is important, we want to do it right. FREE

Backup Costs: Since we record direct to disc, the only way to keep your tracks for  future use is to back them up on a removable media. We can  provide various methods to preserve your multi-track masters if needed.  We'll always maintain onsite backups of project files during the project, and for 30 days after completion of the project before deletion from our systems.

EDI  Hard Drive - FAT 32,  24bit .wav files,  timestamped   HD at Cost + hourly charges for backup time - we'll purchase and format. 
CD-R , CD-RW, $5 per song  +  hourly charge for time  
DAT (R-94) $10 ea.
MasterLink  (24 bit) $20 ea. -  24bit CD

Important Notes:

Budgeting for studio time is only one component of your total project cost. It is often the largest component as well.

HOW LONG will my project take? - A general guideline you can follow for estimating studio time is; for a demo, figure 1 hour per minute of final product, and for an album figure 5-8 hours per minute of final product. This is for all tracking and mixing. It does not cover the costs for mastering and reproduction.More time spent does not always mean a better recording - practice, musicianship, and preparation are critical. Sometimes the best recordings happen on the first take! Every project is different, we'll help you estimate your costs based on your budget and your goals for the finished product. Project based funding may be negotiated.

Payment due upon invoice at end of session!

Pay by check or cash please, no VISA, etc.

Call: 970-581-3915 (studio)  or emai us:  studio@seldomfed.com