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Recording Studio Fort Collins, CO

970-581-3915 studio@seldomfed.com


Our equipment choices :

We use SONAR and the AKAI DPS-24 together to provide a fully automated reliable DAW system. Industry standard uncompressed broadcast (timestamped) .wav files for seamless integration with other PC based recorders such as Cubase, Nuendo, or even Pro-Tools. Unlimited tracks, MIDI, seamless automation, pitch correction, looping, high quality A/D converters and preamps, 24bit and up to 96khz samples if needed. Mastering here or mix to 24bit 2-track for transfer to mastering house.  Track and mix here, or take your .wav files home and cut and paste until the cows come home. :)

  • DAW: SONAR Producer Edition 8.3, Adobe Audition 2.0, Samplitude LE.
  • Akai DPS -24 : 24bit, 96khz, DAW.  Broadcast timestamp .wav, or .aiff
  •  24 track simultaneous direct to disc recording with no latency or glitches - precice editing and comping.
  • RME Fireface 800, and Presonus Digimax LT  24bit A/D mic pre-amps 
  • Mix to MasterLink, or 'inbox'
  • Mics: Neuman, AKGs - 414, 391, C1000S, D320B, D190Es, D120. AT4033, Shure KSM-32, SM-57, Beta 57, Beta 52, Audix i-5,
    AT4033, EV757's, EVPL-88's, Rode K2, NT-1
  • Outboard: Lexicon, RNC, Dbx, Sarno Revelation Tube Pre
  • Monitors: Mackie HR824, AMR, Yamaha NS10,
  • Furman HD6 - 'more me' individual cue mix stations
  • AMPS Available:   Fender Princeton II (vintage tube), Peavey Nashville 400, Peavey Nashville 112, Gibson GA-5 (vintage tube), AER Compact 60, Peavey Stereo Chorus 400 w/ LeMay mod, Magnatone Moviola (vintage tube), Supro (vintage tube), Kustom Keyboard amp, Roland CUBE60, Polytone.
  • Yamaha Drum kit tuned for recording.
  • Alesis QS-8 , 88 key digital keyboard
  • Screamin' fast PC, and RME Fireface 800 interface


To contact us:

Call: 970-581-3915 (studio)  or emai us:  studio@seldomfed.com