image"Amberola Memories "

"Amberola Memories" is a collection of Edison Cylinder recordings that will amaze and entertain you with it's honest presentation of early music.

If you have been on the planet a long time you may remember this original form of recording - invented by Thomas A. Edison in 1877. He was the first recording engineer!. Edison cylinders are round records that look like pop cans with the ends cut off. They play on mechanical wind-up machines like the one in the picture (this is a picture of my Great Grandfather's Edison 'Amberola' player). No electronics!.

This archive recording is from my Great Grandfathers's collection of excellent cylinders that have been handed down to my Grandfather and now to my Father. These original cylinder recordings were made between 1910 and 1917. They have been reproduced as accurately as possible so thay you may experience the sounds that people heard in their homes over 85 years ago!

TO ORDER a cassette: Print the following ORDER FORM and mail along with $10.00 to Seldom Fed Productions, 3618 Lynda Lane, Fort Collins, CO 80526

SONGS on the cassette:

Song Samples: "Amberola Memories "

" Yankee Doodle Dandee" (43.24sec. 465.6kb 8bit mono .wav excerpt)

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