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The Seldom Fed Story

OUR MISSION: Seldom Fed Productions provides professional, affordable services that support the creation, recording, and presentation of music and voice.. We are continualy expanding our services to be able to help people with all the details of music production, media production,  and marketing.

So who is Seldom Fed?

While studying Colorado History at CSU, I came across the story of Sergeant John Timothy O'Keeffe - the "Pikes Peak Prevaricator". O'keeffe lived on Pikes Peak on the front range of the Rockies near Colorado Springs around 1876. He was part of the newly formed U.S. Signal Service. He was a jolly Irishman who loved his whiskey and telling tall-tales. He was famous for the stories he told. His stories were often published in the newspapers of the time. (Gazette in Colorado Springs, CO) One of the most famous was the "Pike's Peak Rat Story" which told of man-eating rats living at 15,000 feet. (really - look it up)

His friend, and the author of most of the newspaper stories, was Eliphalet Price. Mr. Price was present when O'keeffe changed the name of his famous mule to 'Balaam' after he pawned the animal to bail out ("bail'im") another drinking buddy, Cherokee Charlie! In addition to his famous mule, 'Balaam', he also had a not so famous dog! One interviewer ventured to his abode and noticed that the dog looked a little worse for wear. Upon inquiring, he was told the dog was called "Seldom Fed". The name stuck with me. So, I have always wanted a dog named Seldom Fed, or some other reason to use the name. The association with music is clear. The guitar with a bite out of it is our logo. A creative CSU graphic art student named Randy Hickman helped me crystalize the concept.

We're having fun at Seldom Fed and that's what it's all about really. If you live in Ft. Collins Colorado or somewhere near by, come visit us.

Chris Kennison - owner/engineer
(970) 581-3915